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Your 401(k) Isn’t Just About Your Savings: It’s About Your #Taxes, Too Here’s why — a true compa…

Your 401(k) Isn't Just About Your Savings: It's About Your #Taxes, Too

Here's why — a true company-matched 401(k) will result in what we call a 100% investment return. That means your money will actually GROW as you go along with your career, and with stock market returns doing what they do, expanding an average 8%12% annually – and here's the kicker, TAX FREE or DEFERRED — that's a lot of money in your pocket as income you would otherwise NOT have to pay income tax for.

Moreover, investing in that 401(k) in the long-term would allow you to reduce the annual income, decreasing you on the tax bracket and relieving you of more of that tax burden. Simply put, the less money you have to work on making, the less taxes you'll end up paying.

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