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Yes, With #IDTheft, You Now Can Be LEGALLY Married to Multiple People! We wouldn’t advise that as…

Yes, With #IDTheft, You Now Can Be LEGALLY Married to Multiple People!

We wouldn't advise that as a good idea, though…. After all, you not only would have legal repercussions, but PERSONAL ones as well. Still, you could be the hapless victim like one Rosa Vargas of Queens, NY, who found out, much to her dismay, that she was actually married to two men, one from Mexico, and one from Ecuador.

And to make it even worse, she was filing for marriage with the city clerk only to be denied after finding out. That's not something you want to have to break to your fiance. Of course, you can just go to another district and file there, because there wouldn't be similar records anywhere else. The couple got married (even though she was legally married to two other men. One from Mexico, and the other from Ecuador. Just wanted to repeat that one more time.).

The story didn't stop there, though, as Vargas received divorce papers five years later from the Ecuadorian husband she never met. It was later found out that Vargas had lost her birth certificate a decade and a half ago, and within that time, her information was utilized TWICE — by two different women. Probably as a way to scam for immigration and allow those women into the U.S.

The sad thing is while Vargas eventually was able to get those fake marriages removed legally, she has since discovered that she's, in fact, married to a third man in Long Island. At least it's nowhere near Mexico or Ecuador.

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