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#Smallknot: Showing Some #Crowdfunding Love to #SmallBusinesses The all-important #smallbusiness…

#Smallknot: Showing Some #Crowdfunding Love to #SmallBusinesses

The all-important #smallbusiness  knows the importance of #funding in a big way, plus the success of that demographic in this #corporate  community largely depends on whether or not an entrepreneur can think I CAN versus NOT A CHANCE. Our economy needs believers, basically.

That's why Smallknot exists. Their demographic is the small business. Their model of crowdfunding, though, is especially unique, in that the site allows those startups to reward people supporting them for their contributions. It's a collaborative effort, which as you know is at the heart of what crowdfunding is. Don't you think that's what our economy needs?

5 Kickstarter Alternatives for Business Startup Crowdfunding

Don’t get us wrong; we love Kickstarter for crowdfunding. But when it comes to business startup crowdfunding, we need something more corporate focused.

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