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Reason 4 Why #LGBT #Workplace #Discrimination Will Be No More: #ProcterGamble Gay marriage …

Reason 4 Why #LGBT #Workplace #Discrimination Will Be No More: #ProcterGamble

Gay marriage has taken its place as an institution protected by the government, but those small businesses? — What if they have any issues with allowing employees to marry the same sex? Better watch out for Procter & Gamble!

Most citizens haven't heard of the name — that's because they're everywhere. They're arguably the largest American consumer goods company known to man with a workforce numbering at the 127K range as reported in 2010.

We're thinking chances are there will be a plethora of jobs as well as security for the LGBT community at THIS company. Without a doubt.

Worry Not About LGBT Workplace Discrimination

We recently seen the news about Kim Davis, Pope Francis, and the gay marriage thing, so everyone’s worried about workplace discrimination. Fear not, though!

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