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How #IDTheft  Can Turn Into a #CPS  Nightmare Only with identity theft can your life turn into …

How #IDTheft  Can Turn Into a #CPS  Nightmare

Only with identity theft can your life turn into a fiasco ripe for a family political drama about drugs and drug trafficking. Like being at the movies. Think of the worst situation ever where you're minding your own business at home and you get a call about your baby born with methamphetamine. Can it happen to you? Yes, it can — if you don't have UIP protecting you.

Meet Anndorie Sachs, a mother of four, enrolled in the University of Utah, going about her routine when she receives a rather troubling phone call from Child Protective Services about her newborn baby(?). This presents a problem; because that newborn baby tested positive for drugs. Makes her a bad mother, don't you think? Except for one important piece of truth: SHE DIDN'T GIVE BIRTH TO ANY BABY RECENTLY.

The sad fact is that CPS didn't believe her, drag her through a difficult investigative process until it was discovered that Sachs' car was broken into, her driver's license stolen, and used at a hospital to confirm identity by, you guessed it, a pregnant meth addict. You can see the pieces of this cinema puzzle falling into place now….

Sadly, even after proof was submitted, CPS refused to believe that Sachs wasn't the mother of this poor child born positive with drugs. That is, until she willingly submitted to a DNA test, proving who she was all along. Of course, that didn't stop the hospital from charging Sachs with the bill — $10K in expenses for the baby she DIDN'T deliver on the day she DIDN'T go to the hospital.

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