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How #IDTheft  Can Turn a Sweet Pregnant Lady Into a Professional Killer Sound outlandish? It rea…

How #IDTheft  Can Turn a Sweet Pregnant Lady Into a Professional Killer

Sound outlandish? It really isn't. Just take a look at this particular story, and you'll be wowed in ways you never thought possible.

Meet Nicole McCabe, a woman living in Israel and six months pregnant with her husband. Life was good; the baby was going to be born very soon — that is, until she heard on the radio that was one of 26 assassins potentially responsible for the death of Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a war criminal wanted by the Israeli government for arms dealing and murder.

You can imagine pregnant McCabe nearly falling to the floor over hearing THAT one. How can identity theft explain this one? That's easy.

More investigations were carried to find out that the REAL culprit had stolen 26 passports from individuals at an airport and gave one to each assassin for entrance into Dubai for the hit job. McCabe's passport was one of them.

Even though the truth was discovered, it was still a scary thought, being implicated in the murder of a notorious war criminal. Think about it. McCabe could walk into a KMart, followed by a bunch of thugs, and then killed on the spot as vengeance for her heinous hit job of murdering such a crime boss.

Don't get us wrong, it sounds cool — but not when it involves an unborn child. Just saying.

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