Independent Credit Solutions

Home Buyer Program

The ultimate goal of our Home Buyer Program is to simplify the process of first time ownership. We will help you avoid the common and costly mistakes most often made, guide you through enrollment with HUD, and assist you in completing the necessary paper work. We also will help you boost your credit score, provide you with sound advice and guidance throughout the journey, and provide any letters of explanation that may be required for underwriting of your home loan.

Our Three Step Service breaks down into three major parts:

1. Advanced Credit Services

     I’ll start with the credit services. Even though your score is over 640 and you may qualify for the assistance from HUD, we hope you are not satisfied at simply being marginal. After all, the better your credit score the better the terms of your loan ultimately will be. Did you know: a difference in 50 points of your score can translate into thousands of dollars in interest savings over a thirty-year mortgage?
A skilled credit-councilor will review your credit report with you and offer a tailored plan, using our proven strategies, to boost your scores! Should we find that there are items which are inaccurate or derogatory: we will assist you in the formal dispute process. We also will clean up items which are no longer timely, and attach any necessary letters of explanation to your report. There’s a science to the mathematics of credit and we will help you use all the tricks of the trade to look GREAT when it comes time to meet the lender.

2. Assistance with the FHA/HUD First time mortgage process

      The second piece of your plan is our expert and professional guidance in navigating the FHA/HUD application process.
The benefits of FHA backed mortgages are huge. With an FHA Loan you will be approved because:

1. the requirements for credit approval are more reasonable than for a conventional loan
2. the requirement for money down is lower, and there are many programs to help with that down payment
3. the requirements on your income and employment are much more flexible.

However, the application process can be very complicated, especially if you’ve never bought a home before. And, being a government program, there is a load of paper work and many issues of compliance involved. That’s where we come in. Our clients sail through the approval process because we are there to help at every step.
First, we will locate the appropriate agency for you to complete the HUD Home buyers Education Workshop. Completion is mandatory to obtain down payment assistance. We will contact the office and arrange for your enrollment, obtain all the relative resource information, and prepare you to pass with flying colors.
Secondly, we will assist you in preparing all the documents. There will be application forms, financial forms, employment verification forms, statements of need, and the list goes on. Every state is different and for each case there are variables. We are available to assist you in getting the forms right, the T’s crossed, and the I’s dotted.
Also, you will need a pre-approval letter. We will get you pre-approved. You will know exactly how much you have to spend on your new home.

     Finally, we will put you in contact with a realtor, you can trust, to act as your buyer’s agent. They will assist you in selecting the perfect home and support you throughout the close of the deal.

3. Ongoing education and buyers resource materials

     The third major benefit of our plan is that we will help you with organization and education. You will have access to a client portal; here we will keep all the necessary documents organized for your convenience. Here on your portal will be access to a wealth of knowledge including our video library which includes three valuable modules:
1. What is a Lender Looking For?
2. What is a mortgage and what is included in the payment?
3. Now that I’m Approved and Found My Home, What’s Next?

Also there are all the links to government resources and programs are neatly organized there for you to use whenever you need additional information. Not to mention the most valuable aspect of our plan. Our expert council whenever you need it. We man the phones form 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday throughFriday and are only a phone call away. Thank you for letting us share in your success! Your business is appreciated.