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#GrandRapidsMI #RealEstate Affordability Is a Good Thing? Yes, Indeed. We’re all about finances h…

#GrandRapidsMI #RealEstate Affordability Is a Good Thing? Yes, Indeed.

We're all about finances here at #ITPN, and since tax time will be coming soon, you're going to want to see one of the most heavily regarded economies and see how well it's actually doing in Grand Rapids, MI: the real estate market, particularly for the middle class.

Housing affordability is key, and GR has one of the best in the nation. Just how healthy is it? Stats were in saying that a middle class family in this western Michigan city could easily buy a home for approximately 22% of the current income.

Not too shabby. That, in fact, ranks as the 14th best metric in the U.S., and it's even better than the more expensive markets for our nation's coastal regions.

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