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Back to the Future With #IDTheft Yes, #UIP  says so, and you better believe it. Only with this c…

Back to the Future With #IDTheft

Yes, #UIP  says so, and you better believe it. Only with this crime can it be possible for you to be in the jail when you're actually cooking dinner in the kitchen of your own house, as if your future YOU went back in time, committed a crime, and forced the police to contact YOU not knowing that you're YOU.

Does your brain hurt, yet? Let us explain.

Meet Brittany Ossenfort, a normal human being with a roommate Michelle who then got arrested for prostitution. Only Brittany received a call to bail….HERSELF out?

You heard right. The story then went like this: Michelle made her likeness like that of Brittany, passed off Brittany's identity as her own, and the police department ran with it.

The story got even MORE interesting when the cops did a little bit of investigating and found out that Michelle's REAL name was, in fact, RICHARD. As in, a guy's name. It turned out that Michelle/Richard was a transgender.

Of course, amazingly enough (and this is where the unmistakable power of ID theft comes into play), Brittany's own name couldn't be removed from the arrest record even after the police uncovered her true identity and exonerated the REAL Brittany.

There you have it: ID theft can permanently stain your life. Another huge reason why you should have your Ultimate Identity Protection.

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